I am 26 years old, born in Guangdong province. If use some short words to conclude myself, I would describe like this “Leader-Team Builder- Problem Solver - Hard Working”. In order to go through my life and research study, I have to master a second foreign language. As a result, I am holding four language skills (Mandarin, Cantonese, English, Japanese). Also, I am treating everything with a strong sense of responsibility and efficiency. Besides, my hobbies include badminton and singing (KLAOK), because I think that sports and music can make our life much happier, easier and funnier. That is all.

Indeed, it is the purpose that I built this site to remember something as much as possible, which happened in my living, studying and so on. In the following, there is an overview of the histories about my site.

  1. 2008-03-31, Rebuilt the site again, recovered some damaged articles, and imported new tabs design and gallery plugin.
  2. 2008-03-10, ZmSearch was published and started to provide online searh service.
  3. 2008-01-16, My home directory was removed by crime, as a result all my experimental data and this site were lost.
  4. 2007-09 ~ 2007-12, Posted some articles about my research and study course.
  5. 2007-09-06, Imported a useful plugin - LaTeX into my site for online publishing math formula.
  6. 2007-09-04, Rebuilt this site by using WordPress, and updated all contents as well.
  7. 2007-04-03, Published the Sign Up and Member Administration system for ACSUT.
  8. 2006-11-19, Published the ESMS system to send email message to Japanese cellphone.
  9. 2007-03-21, Updated personal profile for the graduation of research student from University of Tsukuba.
  10. 2006-10-05, Built a simple home page, and made it public accessible.