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Improve user experience

With the developping of the Internet, web search become more and more important. Meanwhile, the requirement of advanced users is also increasing. For example, the users need better user experience to support their searching task on the web. But, how can we do? It comes to a part of my research. I want to give the users better user experience when they search the web, via the current data mining techniques. Especially, we often call it web mining in the current information retrieval field.

Focusing on this topic, I did some experimental computation, analysis, implementation of our web search supporting system (ZmSearch), and concluded a research paper in the end. The title is “Using An Interactive Interface to Support Web Search for Improving User Experience“, which is to appear in the 1st IEEE International Conference on the Applications of Digital Information and Web Technologies (ICADIWT’08), this August in Czech Republic. I have to perform a presentation to introduce my contribution in the paper during the conference days from August 4 to 6. Here, firstly wish myself good luck and having a good trip.

As the future work, I have to go into the analysis of relevant keywords, and pay more attention to support the users to search the web more easily, conveniently and quickly. Of course, I still attempt to pay more efforts to help the users to find out the marginal information or knowledge more easily, and to repeat their selft-learning, and so on.

Okay, keep fighting for the better future as possible as I can.

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  1. Excelで統計図を作成し、それに右クリックしてから、「グラフウィンド」を出す
  2. 出してきたグラフウィンドでのタイトルバーに右クリックし、PDFCreatorで印刷する
  3. 印刷から生成したpdfファイルをAdobe Acrobatで開き、名前付けで保存(Save As)
  4. それで、EPSフォーマットを選択し、変換しながら保存する



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Fedora Core 3 以降のバージョンにおいて、ApacheのHTTPDに対するセキュリティは高まれている。デフォルトのDocumentRoot以外には、script(Perl/PHPなど)からファイルの書き込みはできなくなってしまう。だから、次の設定を行わなければならない。

#setsebool -P httpd_unified 1
#chcon -R -h -t httpd_sys_content_t /target_path/target_doc_dir
#ls -ZR /target_path/target_doc_dir




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